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You Don’t Need A CRM!

You Don’t Need A CRM!: Small business owners, if all you think about is lead management, then this is nirvana! As a small business owner, chances are you and your sales team are trying to utilize every precious minute selling. But more importantly, you are trying to not just sell but convert the lead into […]

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Social CRM - Your Brand

3 Overlooked Ways SMBs Can Leverage Their Social CRM

Any good small to medium business (SMB) will invest in customer relationship management (CRM) applications and blend it with social media in order to connect more readily with their customers. While social CRM is a rather new concept, businesses are beginning to understand how combining customer relationship management and social media can provide them the […]

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SalesPro 8 Reports

SalesProCRM Review

Please note this overview of SalesProCRM has been provided by the vendor. will do its own in-depth, independent review of SalesProCRM in due course. SalesPro CRM is an extremely user friendly yet feature rich web based CRM that has made it a very popular option for small to medium sized businesses, sales teams and […]

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Ontraport Signup Form 1

Ontraport CRM Review

Maximum business automation, minimum effort! When we first viewed the dashboard of Ontraport (previously Office Autopilot), we were a bit disappointed by the plain interface and slow loading pages/server-side refreshes. But as we played around, our excitement grew and we were impressed by some very powerful features. One of the most impressive things about Ontraport […]

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BigContacts Dashboard Contacts Display

BigContacts CRM Review

Target Audience BigContacts is a web-based contact management system for companies that have outgrown Outlook, Excel, or ACT. From the people who brought you ACT!, it is built to support classic sales and marketing workflows. Features Contact Management and Tracking, Calendars, Email — including “drip” emails — Web and Mobile Platforms, Reports, Security, integration with […]

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Before You Shop For a CRM

Choosing a CRM system is made easier if you have done all the preparatory work. Take a look at The Essential Guide to CRM Basics and The Essential Guide to Articulating CRM Requirements in this series if you have not already done so. Now let’s take a look at what’s on the market. Types of […]

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Goldmine Multiplemedia address

Goldmine CRM Review

How I came to be using it. I was introduced to GoldMine back in 1996 having looked over previously at creating a MS Access database whilst a Marketing Manager at a manufacturing company.  Having completed a 3 day course understanding MS Access database, I remember vividly being told that to do a mail merge required […]

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Specify Your CRM Requirements

Specifying your CRM system requirements is a separate exercise from specifying your business requirements. The business requirements specify what your business must do to be effective; the system requirements specify how this will be done. To define an effective system, you need at least four things: a well-defined set of business requirements an outline of […]

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Putting the Right CRM Team Together

Putting the right team together is a vital aspect for the success of your CRM system. Consider the impact of the CRM system on your business, in particular how widespread the use of the system will be and which departments will be affected. It makes sense to include in your CRM selection team employees from […]

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Social CRM What, Why & Where for Small Business

An interesting and apt description of social CRM comes from Paul Greenberg, a famous American author, essayist and thought-leader in the CRM industry: “Social CRM is a philosophy & a business strategy, supported by a technology platform,  business rules, processes and social characteristics, designed to engage the customer in a collaborative conversation in order to […]

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