Commence CRM

You might be under the perception that Commence CRM is an IBM CRM product. You are not far wrong - for several years Commence was sold as an IBM CRM solution. In actual fact it was being sold under license from

Commence Corporation.

This CRM solution is best suited for companies that need more than a contact manager but not the cost and complexity of higher end, mid-range systems. Commence is relatively customizable, so would suit a company with more unique requirements. Its approach to record management is account centric versus contact centric.

Commence is one of the more comprehensive CRM solutions available for the larger small to mid-size businesses. The product consists of a suite of customizable ready-to-use applications for Marketing/Sales Force Automation and Customer Service.

Commence is in the medium price bracket and is in line with other mid-market CRM solutions.

The Commence Corporation offers a free 60 day trial of Commence CRM.

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