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Unfortunately CRM applications for the Macintosh operating system - OS X - are in short supply. Scouring the web, one comes across very few Mac based CRM and Sales Force Automation (SFA) offerings to evaluate.

Now why on earth should that be? Are hardly any Mac users involved in commercial ventures? Of course not. Surely there is an opportunity in here somewhere, for some enterprising developers to create additional CRM and Sales Tracking software solutions for the Apple Macintosh OS. A quick squizz at how over-traded the Microsoft OS world is as far as CRM applications are concerned, should serve as an indicator.

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Best Apple CRM & Contact Management Software Solutions

Capsule CRM

CapsuleCRM. Highly Recommended. If you are looking for an easy-to-use, flexible, inexpensive web based CRM, (yes, all the cliches), to run on your Mac, look no further than Capsule. Happy running in the Safari browser, Capsule has most CRM features required by a small business, supported by a great company.

Ntractive CRM

ElementsCRM. Recommended. Developed exclusively for the Apple Mac platform, Elements CRM by Ntractive, is a comprehensive CRM that runs on your desktop but is accessed online. ElementsCRM really stretches the CRM boundries and offers features like project management, billing, inventory management and more.

Daylite. Recommended. Developed by MarketCircle, Daylite offers everything one would expect from a respectable CRM tool, on any platform. Daylite is attracting such attention some companies are even moving off MS Windows to Mac purely to run this Apple CRM product! Powered by Openbase, the industrial strength SQL database engine for OS X, Daylite provides good contact, opportunity and limited project management functionality. Daylite Touch provides mobile CRM support with its CRM/iPhone integration. The email integration is seamless, and even creates records from inbound emails, a feature lacking with some of their Windows based cousins.

MarketMaster. (Discontinued). Market Master was one of the first Sales Force Automation (SFA) solutions for the Macintosh. First released in 1986, it is still going strong today. MarketMaster's strength lies in its strong Sales Force Automation features. SFA is the cornerstone of CRM applications and is often adequate for most smaller companies CRM requirements. Market Master offers various versions depending on the size and needs of your sales force: MarketMaster Manager, for a small company or sales office; Market Master Remote, for remote users and Personal Market Master not networkable but lets an individual salesperson manage his sales tasks.

Mobile CRM+. We have this mobile CRM solution available for iPhone, Android, blackBerry, Windows mobile and Symbian Nokia platform. We are a small business and we developed it for small businesses

myCRM. The first CRM solution for personal use for the iPhone, especially suited to all professions, such as business agents, brokers, business brokers, etc.. With myCRM you can keep constantly on hand all your business and plan all the activities related to it. Download it for free and try it as you like. Buy then the license that best suits your needs directly from within the application (In-App Purchase). MyCRM does not use external servers.

People™. This powerful Contact Management software is worth a look if your CRM requirements are quite demanding. People is great if you need to keep lots of information on your contacts. Loads of features in this Contact Manager for the Apple Mac.

AbsoluteBUSY. If you are interested in a web based, Open Source CRM to run on your Mac OS X, take a look at absoluteBUSY. See more Open Source CRM Apple Mac solutions.

7Office. Advisory: 7Office is no longer responding to emails, URL is 'Not Found'. (Morley Chalmers, where are you?) 7Office has a long history of providing Sales Cycle Management and CRM solutions and is (was?) particularly popular among Apple Mac users. There is a version of 7Office for Windows XP, too. The only prerequisite is FileMakerPro, which is available as a separate purchase. 7Office offers a 60 Day Free Trial.

Now Contact. Advisory: This from their website: In March 2010, Now Software, Inc. suspended its day-to-day operations. This page provides support for the Now Software Community. This popular contact manager for Apple Mac ran out of funds unfortunately. As an alternative, consider Bento..

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For the Geeks: Did you know that there's a powerful Apache web server built in to every Mac OS X computer? Kevin Hemenway shows you how to start serving web pages within minutes, then he gives you the tools for advanced techniques that seasoned system administrators use every day at the MacDevCenter.

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