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GreenRope is an unified web-based business management system suite that helps consolidate, simplify and automate day to day business operations. It’s an all-in-one solution that streamlines key operations by integrating essential features into one easy-to-use platform. GreenRope has its share of advantages – users get access to tools for sales automation, marketing automation and operations on a single platform that in the long run saves time, money and has a potential of increasing revenues due to more effective efforts in sales and marketing.


Technical details
GreenRope, touted as the World’s First “Business Operating System”, is a cloud based multi-user application that has been developed with latest technology and design techniques. There’s no need to install any special software, a web browser is sufficient to start using it. The application seems to have been built using Perl, HTML, CSS, AJAX, jQuery and FusionCharts to name a few.

GreenRope at a glance

  • Free Trial: Yes, a full features enabled 30 day trial is available for a test drive. It is also possible to request a personal demo.
  • Ideal for: Businesses of all size and kind, particularly suited to those setups seeking to use a single application and subscription.
  • Training required: Not much as its relatively simpler to use. There are packages that do offer guidance in the CRM implementation and consultation of usage of new features.
  • User limit: There’s absolutely no user limit. All plans allow unlimited users.
  • Mass import/export: Yes, contacts and various other objects can be imported and exported out of this application.
  • Is support available: A GreenRope subscriber has round the clock access to the support staff. They can be reached by calling them, a live chat session, sending an email, or via their ticketing system.

Getting Started
A 30 day free trial is available for evaluating GreenRope. There are no visible limitations and all features can be tried, though only 150 contacts can be imported into the trial version. The trial process requires filling a form. A ticket is generated during form submission and is assigned to a Sales Representative. As we were eager to start and not sure how long we would have to wait to get started with the trial, we searched around and got instant help from the “Live Help” feature in the website.

Look and Feel
As soon as one gets into the trial account for the first time, the first screen that comes up, gives information on account setup preferences and access to introductory videos. The screen allows choosing a color and selecting features essential for your needs. For our trial, we did not change the color, however we did choose all available features.

GreenRope First Screen Post Login Select Functions for UseGreenRope – First screen post login. Select functions for use

The Dashboard gives quick access to the Calendar, various charts and to several wizards. The dashboard can be customized, but the only customization that is allowed is to re-organize the Calendar, charts, new charts cannot be added. To the right side is the section on ‘News Feed’ which is essentially the summary of activities and recent actions.

GreenRope - The DashboardGreenRope – The Dashboard

The features are clubbed under big icons – Home, Communicate, Contacts, Calendar, Apps, Website, Media Library. This look is completely customizable and all that is required is to click ‘Settings’ on the top right and change user interface as shown below. As there’s no instant preview, you may need to select an option at a time and save changes to see which suits you best.

Greenrope Change User InterfaceGreenRope – Change User Interface

Here’s the changed user interface, note the difference.

GreenRope Changed User InterfaceGreenRope – Changed User Interface

Configuration Options
Changing applications interface is one of the many configuration options that are available. The screen capture below shows the extent to which this application can be customized without any help from GreenRope’s engineering team.

Greenrope Exploring Configuration OptionsGreenRope – Exploring Configuration Options

The ‘Social Networks’ tab allows configuring group’s various social media accounts. For example, if you configure the twitter handle, the application would then be able to read tweets in the timeline, See who you follow, and follow new people, update your profile, post Tweets for you, access your direct messages. The effects of linking the twitter handle is visible in the ‘Social Dashboard’.

GreenRope Social Dashboard and Twitter FeedGreenRope – Social Dashboard and twitter feed

Importing Data into GreenRope
There a lot of options to import contacts and other data into the system. In addition to importing contacts by traditional means of CSV file upload, one as well import contacts from Yahoo!, MSN, Gmail. One can as well import CRM activity/ task data such as from Salesforce.

GreenRope Import Contact from CSVGreenRope – Import contacts from CSV

The CSV which we imported had header rows, GreenRope identified those and proposed a match, user is always free to change the mapping. The screen capture below shows the summary of file(s) that was imported.

GreenRope Import Contacts from CSV Step 2GreenRope – Import Contacts from CSV Step 2

This is the import report that’s generated after clicking the green arrow pointing downwards (in the above screen shot)

Contact Management
The Contacts allows viewing contacts and your relationships with them. An easy way to organize contacts is to tag them. Tagged contacts are then visible in the tag cloud. Contacts can also be assigned positions; these are special tags only valid during a range of time.

GreenRope Contacts Tab Listing ContactsGreenRope – Contacts tab listing contacts

Sales reps can use the Opportunities area to manage sales pipeline and track deals. The Research tool, a premium service, looks up publicly available data relating to the email addresses in your contact list.

GreenRope Viewing Contact DetailsGreenRope – Viewing contact details

The CRM/ Activities tab shows the activities that have been done for this contact. The tab additionally allows adding opportunities, quotes, files.

Greenrope View Contacts ActivitiesGreenRope – View contact’s activities

The ‘Social’ tab allows configuring social media profiles and handles used by the contact.

GreenRope Twitter IntegrationGreenRope – Twitter integration

In addition to the above, phone integration is available that allows add click-to-call, inbound call handling, SMS texting, and much more.

Lead Scoring
Lead Scoring helps you to determine those leads that are the most valuable to your busniess and your sales and marketing team.

Demographic, Activity & Opportunity based lead scoring
This helps identify customers that have the greatest value to your business. The lead scoring system is powerful, fully customizable. In Activity based scoring, the actions taken by the contact contribute to the score. Demographics scoring rules are based on data entered for contacts. Examples of demographic fields are industry, job title, department of the company the contact works in, company size, or location. The screen capture below shows a demographic based scoring in which New York based customers are allotted 10 points.

GreenRope Demographics based Lead ScoringGreenRope – Demographics based lead scoring

Marketing Automation
GreenRope provides a host of tools that allows defining processes that help your marketing team work more efficiently. In addition to the usual features of newsletter building, sending, and tracking tools, the application provides multi-channel marketing methods such as post-click tracking, landing pages, automatic CRM integration, mobile messaging, etc.
The marketing automation tool allows creating –

  1. Auto-Responders – Send automated emails to people who have reached out to you, possibly by filling signup or lead capture forms.
  2. Drip Campaigns
  3. Sales Alerts – Setup email alerts to see actions of your customer when they visit your website.
  4. Event Check-Ins – Built-in event management suite helps send automated alerts to those who have “checked-in” to the event.
  5. Process Abandonment – Similar to shopping cart abandonment, this keeps track of people that are going through a process. Drop-outs can be identified and automated personalized emails can be sent to them.

Also supported is SMS TXT marketing. GreenRope’s mobile marketing capabilities allow sending marketing messages to cell phones of contacts.

Email marketing is a vital tool for any business, GreenRope allows choosing from the thousands of email templates. The software tracks and logs all email communication and assists in creating specific emails for anyone. When you send out an email campaign, GreenRope allows simultaneous broadcast to all of the configured social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Event and Meeting Management
GreenRope helps handle events and meeting. The built-in calendar shows scheduled events/meetings

Greenrope Create and Manage Details Related to an EventGreenRope – Create and manage details related to an event

Even reminders and recurring events ensure important follow-ups are never missed.

Easy-to-use Workflows – GreenRope offers workflows or allows the setup of sequences that assign activities to contacts and send emails automatically. This automation alleviates the need of manual creation of activities and ensures defined processes are followed by all. The screen capture below shows how types of activities that are already defined, how to create new ones and create workflows from pre-built templates.

GreenRope CRM ActivitiesGreenRope – CRM Activities

Project Management
GreenRope offers a ‘Project Manager’ which is a comprehensive system for managing whatever projects. Projects can be finishing the design of a website to writing a document to building a house. From the project updates screen, there’s an option to assign to-do items and provide updates along with tracking hours.

By assigning tasks and deadlines, everyone in the team will be aware of all looming and past deadlines. Moreover, having all deadlines in one place keeps everyone informed, accountable and on their toes.

GreenRope Project ManagerGreenRope – Project Manager

Social Media Integration
GreenRope offers awesome social media integration. It connects email marketing and CRM to social media accounts to manage Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It’s possible to manage multiple accounts of a similar type. Its social reporting metrics include Conversation, Amplification, Applause, Impact and Interest. Conversation measures the number replies to your posts. Amplification metric measures the number of shares a post receives. Applause in twitter parlance would be the number of favorites the posts have been able to generate. Impact is a weighted average of Conversation, Amplification, and Applause with additional calculations. Interest metric identifies how much your listeners click on your links. The “Social Dashboard” gives insight into host of other stats such as best days to post, best times to post to name a few.

GreenRope-Social-Dashboard-and-various-social-metricsGreenRope – Social Dashboard and various social metrics

Third-Party Software Integration
Ease of integration with third-party software is where GreenRope scores lots of points. It already integrates well with some of the leading

As noted earlier, it is capable of importing data from Gmail, Yahoo, MSN and e-conomic. GreenRope calendar can sync with Google Calendar, iCal. Integrates with Google Analytics for email tracking. Can import from SalesForce, QuickBooks.

Plug-ins are available for integration with Zimbra, WordPress, MS Outlook, GoTo Meeting.

Mobile Integration

GreenRope’s subscribers can install the free iPhone app and use it to manage the contacts, activities, events, track email newsletters. The iPhone app works offline as well and can synchronize with the account when online.

Predictive Analytics and Business Intelligence
GreenRope can be used to predict who is likely to purchase a product or service from you. The “Predictive Analytics” package is integrated
automatically in to the CRM. You can see what demographics and activities correlate to someone buying from you. The application can take those correlations and predict the contact in your database is ripe for the next conversion. Since the CRM is tightly integrated with the marketing engine, it’s extremely easy to target those contacts and send them drip campaigns.

Custom Website Builder
Also available is feature that helps build websites in cost-effective way. You can create landing pages and micro sites. All of this is possible with the built-in website creator which lets design professional customized websites and online storefronts.

Integrated Website Analytics makes it possible to see in real-time which customer is viewing the website.

GreenRope is subscription based. Pricing strategy differs from that adopted by its competitors. Various subscription plans are Starter, Premium, Pro, Powerhouse, Enterprise, Magnificent and ultimate. The best aspect of these plans is that all of them support almost similar features and allow unlimited users. The plans however differ in the number of contacts that can be managed.

GreenRope Subscription Details and Pricing PlansGreenRope – Subscription details and Pricing plans


  1. The application is relatively straightforward to configure and extremely easy to use. Built-in context sensitive help is indeed informative.
  2. Relatively lower subscription fees coupled with unlimited users and cost of ownership is amongst the lowest.
  3. Integrates very well with leading third-party applications.
  4. Adequate analytics, drill down charts and related insights available wherever needed.


  1. There’s no dedicated Android app. However, the application is responsive and adjusts to mobile browsers.

Bottom line
GreenRope has an extremely rich set of features that work together seamlessly. In fact, it is amongst the very few CRM solutions that offer so many functions. It does a good job in integrating nicely with third-party applications and providing top-notch integration with social media. Small and mid-sized businesses in search for a cost-effective cloud based solution to streamline their operations should definitely try out GreenRope. There may be no need to look further!

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