Online CRM Users Get More Flexibility with Increased Storage

Surado CRM

Surado CRM

Surado CRM sets new Industry Standards for Online CRM Storage Space

Riverside, CA, February 16, 2010 - Surado Solutions, the developer of sensible on-premise and online CRM solutions for more than a decade, this week announced new base line storage space to both Surado CRM Online - Professional Edition and Group Edition.

Group Edition storage space increased to 1 Giga Byte while the Professional Edition increased to 5 Giga Bytes. These increases are effective immediately for all current as well as new users.

With this storage upgrade users will able to create more relationships, keep longer history of communications, track and reach more people, nurture more leads, manage more drip campaigns and add more knowledge management documents without worrying about the space capacity.

With this storage upgrade users will be able to:

• Import and upload larger batches of contact lists
• Add and store more Account and Contact records
• Retain more Activity History
• Store Visually Rich Knowledge Base documents such as Videos, Images, and Larger Files
• Safe on on-going monthly costs

“Businesses are realizing that retaining historical information as well as creating rich marketing campaigns is a necessity in today’s world, and this effort requires more online storage space while managing shrinking budgets,” said Sundip R. Doshi, CEO of Surado Solutions, Inc. “Once again, Surado continues to provide more value at a time when businesses need it the most.”

About Surado CRM Online - Group Edition & Pricing
Surado CRM Online Group Edition is now available for subscription at $15 for 5 Users per month. To learn more, please visit . A detailed feature comparison chart of Group Edition and Professional Edition is available.

About Surado
Surado Solutions, Inc., founded in 1995, is headquartered in the University Research Park, Riverside, California. Surado provides a full spectrum of on-demand and on-premise Customer Relationship Management (CRM) products and services. For more information about Surado CRM products and services, please visit

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