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Share Your Microsoft Outlook Folders WITHOUT Using MS Exchange Server!


Many companies are wanting to merely share their Outlook folders (PST files) and calendar. Public ShareFolder (formerly known as Public Outlook), is the tool of choice to enable you to make your Outlook Address books/ contacts, tasks, calendars and other files shareable, WITHOUT using MS Exchange Server.

Your alternatives are to either upgrade to MS Exchange Server, which in itself is expensive, before adding the costs of server hardware and support. You can also investigate competitors to Public ShareFolder, or go the manual, time-consuming route of copying files between PC's and risk data integrity and data duplication.

Main features of Public Share Folder include:

  • Share your MS Outlook files with other users across the network
  • Keep your data up-to-date across the network
  • central control of email, contacts, appointments etc
  • Extensive security options with rights assignment for different users
  • Easy to install and administer
  • Robust with solid data integrity
  • seamless integration to MS Outlook
  • inexpensive

Installation is simple, particularly if you are running Windows XP. Public Share Folder compares very favourably in all departments to similar products. Public ShareFolder accolades include:

  • "Editors Choice" award in the category "Internet & Communication"
  • "5 cows" award by
  • "Innovation of the year 2004" by PC-Professional Magazine in Germany.

Based on the Microsoft DCOM standard communications protocol, which is robust and stable, makes Public Share Folder an attractive option for larger sites.

The product is scalable to hundreds of users, if need be. Bosch Diesel Systems in Vienna has 150 users sharing 20 PST files. There are no limits to the number of Outlook users.

Terminal Server is also supported.

All in all, Public ShareFolder provides an excellent alternative to companies that don't need to go through all the overhead of Microsoft Exchange Server to get a lot of additional functionality out of MS Outlook.

To try it out for yourself, visit their website at

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