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SmallBizCRM Finder Your Advanced Guide To Choosing a CRM

This CRM Finder is to help you Choose and Implement a new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.

This CRM Finder will produce a shortlist of CRM systems for you to consider, with an indicative score as a guide to the degree of fit of different CRM systems to your requirements*. Our aim is to help you identify a strong shortlist of potential CRM systems and save you precious time during the evaluation and selection process. *Caveat - don't expect a 100% fit...

We have made an assessment of hundreds of CRM systems in 30+ key functional areas that are important to small businesses. These cover the key areas of Marketing, Sales and Service, plus sections on Data and Specials.

The following questions ask you to identify the relative importance of those 30+ functional areas to you and your business   -   on a simple 1 -> 5 rating, to identify what you want the CRM system to help you to organize and then help you run and grow your business.

The report at the end will give you a ranked list indicating the relative degree of fit of various CRM systems.

The first pass should take you just a couple of minutes. You may then want to revisit your answers or involve colleagues, for a more in-depth discussion about functional requirements and priorities. You can then see how the shortlist and rankings change as a result.

If it saves you time and helps you get your CRM project off to a great start we'll be well pleased!