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Best Sales Tracking Software For Real Estate Agents and Realty Companies

Real Estate Agents need sales tracking software (aka CRM or Customer Relationship Management) like everyone else in sales. You also have to do your prospecting, sales follow-ups and customer service like the rest of us, so these sort of CRM solutions become essential, if you want to gain any competitive edge.

There are many, more generic CRM solutions mentioned elsewhere on SmallBizCRM that would also prove suitable asReal Estate Sales Software solutions. In fact, some of them have been customized for particular vertical markets like Real Estate CRM. The most suitable though are CRM solutions that have been developed from the ground up with the Estate Agent in mind.


Act!, for example, the well known contact manager, has a Real Estate CRM version, as has Maximizer to a lesser extent, but both merely add a few industry buzzwords to their templates. There are other dedicated CRM solutions for Real Estate Agents mentioned below.

You should investigate your CRM strategy as any industry would, if you are serious about your CRM acquisition. You are subject to the same pitfalls as anybody else. So follow accepted procedures for the evaluating, purchasing and implementation of your CRM Project. There is plenty of CRM reading material available, so do gen yourself up beforehand. There is a good selection of CRM books and articles in our CRM Library for your perusal.

Here are some of the Best Lead & Sales Tracking CRM Software for Real Estate Agents

  • Realty Juggler. RealOrganized specialize in tools for Real Estate Agents and Realty firms. If you use a Palm PDA Realty Juggler is designed for you. It will let you track all of the things that are specific to real estate using your Palm PDA.
  • sonoma-logoActiveAgent for Outlook (AAOutlook) . Recommended (particularly for Apple Mac users). Extends the popular Contact Manager ACT! to track Real Estate specific information. ACTive Agent consists of a customized real estate ACT! database as well as customized real estate ACT! data entry screens that track an extensive amount of vital information on your clients and listings. Pricing: 1 User $149; 2 User $229; 5 User $350. ActiveAgent (AAOutlook) compares very favorably with Top Producer – it is more feature rich with specific components for Realty, and is easier to use. Pricing: 1 User $149; 2 User $229; 5 User $350.
  • TransPlans garydavidhall_transplans_larger_transscriptTransPlans. Gary David Hall is one of the most knowledgeable people on Real Estate Sales software and has been adding value to the real estate industry for many years. This is his range of Real Estate Software Add-Ons for ActiveAgent (see above).
  • Real Estate Assistant. Based on Microsoft SQL and .NET, Real Estate Assistant (REA) is for designed for Commercial Real Estate Leasing, Investments, Development and Management for multiple users and corporations. Pricing from $695 plus Tax per user.
  • RealistiQ. realistiQ is much more than a CRM. While it offers all of the functionality a CRM offers, it also offers IDX listing management, drip marketing and many other features important to people in real estate.
  • Catalyst Inc. Makers of Catalyst CRM for realtors. Read more about Catalyst Inc. or add comments
  • AgentOutlook. Unfortunately Revisto – the vendors of AgentOutlook (not to be confused with AAOutlook)- are no longer in business. RIP.
  • More Real Estate CRM Sales Software solutions here..

Please contact us regarding your experiences with any of the above Real Estate CRM software solutions or companies, good or bad! Or let us know of other Real Estate Sales Software we should be recognizing here.

More Sales Tracking Software Solutions for Real Estate / Realty Companies

  • Broker Connect Desktop
    requires company contract for setup and management of a Web site
    RECHANNEL Communications Inc. Desktop CRM application for users connected over a Broker Connect intranet. Includes modules for contact, listing and transaction management; activity scheduler with action plans; supports e-mail marketing campaigns; report functions; includes tools for Web site design and customization. Price $19.95 per month

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  • Advantage Xi
    Mark-It Systems Real estate contact and business activity management software for Windows. Unlimited number of predefined or user-defined fields. Predefined and user-defined reports. Support for unlimited number of accounts. Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly calendar. Optional modules for managing information on properties and loans. Price $195
  • InstantImpact! Gold
    Information Products. Windows based software suite of real estate CRM solutions. Includes customizable contact database and report functions; farm, listing, and closing management functions; campaign manager with automated scheduling; CMA generator; built-in word processor; and data import/export to Outlook. Price $329.95
  • RealFuture
    Adigida Solutions. Web-based contact/CRM manager offered in versions for the new or established real estate professional or team. Basic Solo includes contact management, calendar, event scheduling, and e-mail and print campaign planner. Pro adds automated print and e-mail version, Web-lead integration, and performance assessment. Team version for companywide customer and sales management also available. Price $99.95 per year, $9.95 per month for RealFuture Solo; $149.95 per year, $14.95 per month for Real Future Pro
  • LeadCommander REProfessional
    DataBasix Technologies, , 877/259-9476. Real estate information management/marketing software system for Macintosh, Windows. Combines contact management with lead generation, prospecting, and marketing tools. Unlimited number of contact records, user-defined fields. User-defined search and report functions. Marketing campaign with follow-up. E-Merge engine for creating personalized e-mail correspondence to contacts based on user-defined criteria. Optional Auto-Pilot feature to manage and route incoming calls. Price $229
  • RealFuture Solo, Pro, and SFM
    From $99.50 per year, or $9.95 per month, for RealFuture Solo
    Adigida Solutions,, 866/234-4432. Web-based real estate business management solutions. For rookies, RealFuture Solo includes contact management, address book, task scheduling with reminders, and print and e-mail campaign building tools. For experienced practitioners, RealFuture Pro adds automated e-mail and print campaigns, team sharing of database content, and Web-generated lead integration. For teams and brokers, RealFuture SFM adds sales management and multiple database support.
  • Trans/ACT for Residential Real Estate Agents
    $195, requires purchase of ACT!
    Pinpoint Tools LLC, , 800/238-0560. Real estate software add-on for ACT! Organize info on buyers, sellers, properties, loans.
  • AgentOffice
    Fidelity Real Estate Solutions. Windows based software for estate agents and teams to manage real estate sales from initial contact with clients through losing. It handles front office functions, including contact/customer relationship management, listings and sales tracking, presentation designs and CMAs, word processing and e-mail. Agent Office Integrates with Fidelity’s TransactionPoint Web- based transaction management platform and ZIPforms/WINforms electronic forms software. Price: $329
  • Classic-Trak-It by Telluride Software. Windows based management software for real estate agents and brokers. Classic Trak It manages all your key business details from contract to close, including listing commissions. It is a real estate database system for managing your contacts and listings, with a daily to-do list on scheduled events, and tasks. You can track advertising expenditures for listings and agent ad expenses. Standard report functions are available for agent and office productivity, commissions, commission disbursement, and transaction fees. Multi-user and Light versions also available. Price: $375.95 single user license
  • Realty Broker Office
    Technology Mix
    866-459-4597Price: $97.99 per month, per company administrator and $34.99 per month for individual users; volume discounts available.Web-based broker management solution for single or multiple offices. Creates integrated intranet and database for front and back office data and activity, accessible through a Web browser. Its comprehensive suite of tools supports an unlimited number of contacts, listings, transactions, forms, and contracts. The software has secure log-in for team members to enter or update info and check on status of listings or transactions, as allowed by a broker. It includes calendar and task scheduling with reminders, and calculates commissions and fees. Standard and customizable report functions available.
  • RealBroker
    Borran Software
    800-710-7650 Base price: approximately $750 set-up, $1,000 training and $110 per month licensing/support fee for 25-person office.Scalable, integrated accounting and transaction management system for Windows for single or multi-office brokerages. Listing component imports data from MLS and tracks activity from contract through sale or expiration. Sales and transaction automates tasks associated with conveyance, monitors activity, calculates commissions and other fees, and payouts. Its accounting system handles office finances, including agent billing, payroll, budget analyses and financial statements. It includes standard and customizable reports, letters, and forms. Integrates with the company’s Connect office/communications management system and Pocket Real Estate products.
  • Realty Management System
    Lone Wolf Software
    866-279-9653Base price: $840 licensing fee and $112 a month for brokerage with up to 10 agents, includes eight hours of training.Windows software for financial management of single office or multi-site brokerage. It includes modules for daily activity scheduling and monitoring; tracking listing status; trade records; trust accounting and reconciliation; accounts receivable and accounts payable; commission accounting; agent commissions/expenses, payroll, financial activity, budget analysis, and preparing financial statements. Standard and customizable report functions available.
  • Broker’s Management System
    Software Tree, Inc.
    800-365-1276Price: Modules sold separately. Front Desk Manager for front office, $1,250; Accounting Transaction Manager for back office, $1,995Windows suite of software solutions to create a fully integrated management system. Front Desk Manager handles contacts, listings, call logging, showing appointments, and client feedback with report functions. Accounting Transaction Manager handles accounting functions from contract through closing, including commission calculations, agent billing, check printing, escrow tracking, bank reconciliation, and financial and transaction reports.
  • Lucero Summit
    800-862-8193Base price: $2,760 for single office with up to 10 agentsIntegrated suite of Windows applications for front and back office brokerage management. Front office solutions for contact and lead call management, appointment scheduling, floor duty scheduling, loan amortization, and virtual tour and flyer creation. Back Office components include accounting, commission calculations, task scheduling and managing advertising, referrals, and listings. Standard and customized reports are available, and it links with Quickbooks for writing commission checks.
  • Pro Gold XP
    Taro Systems
    888-500-9315Base price: $4,370Integrated front and back office broker management solution for Windows. Front office functions for contact/CRM management, lead and referral tracking and assignment, appointment scheduling with reminders, ad tracking, and showing module. Back office modules for banking, accounting, payroll, invoicing, commission calculating and processing, and check writing. Customizable and standard report functions. It can integrate with franchise reporting systems and Taro’s Web-based contact/lead/listings management solution.
  • More Real Estate Sales Tracking CRM Solutions

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