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Our Most Popular CRM's & Contact Managers

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There are many CRM solutions mentioned on SmallBizCRM. So, to help you fast track your search for the best CRM application for your business, based on customer feedback, click-throughs from visitors and in our opinion too, we have added our new Top Ten CRM Software section.

The following are the most popular CRM software solutions listed on SmallBizCRM.

Best Web Based CRM's

InfusionSoft - Voted Best Web Based CRM for Small Business, 2009-2012.

InfusionSoft. Highly Recommended. Excellent web based CRM solution for small to medium companies seeking a comprehensive and reliable CRM. Awarded the prestigious 2007 CRM Excellence Award for “Top Small Business Marketing Software”, InfusionsoftCRM tracks all your information in one consolidated CRM system. InfusionsoftCRM provides support for shopping cart and sales transactions, auto-responders, product information, customer details, order history, payment plans, marketing sequences and responses, lead tracking and progression, Skype CRM integration and more. Their impressive offering and satisfied client base did not go unnoticed - Pat Sullivan, former founder and CEO of ACT! and SalesLogix has now joined their Board Of Directors. What also made me sit up and take notice was mails coming to me from the likes of Palo Alto (makers of BusinessPlanPro, the definitive business planning software) and Perry Marshall, the Google Adwords PPC guru, using InfusionCRM.

ONTRAPORT is a powerful, all-in-one automation platform to start, systemize and scale your business, and is one of the very few CRM's/business automation solutions that managed to get a 9/10 rating from ourselves. Ontraport offers great value for money, too – you get a CRM, Auto-responder, a shopping cart, WordPress membership sites and task automation for only a few hundred dollars. Ontraport is particularly suitable if you sell via affiliates or remote agents.

Capsule CRM

CapsuleCRM. Highly Recommended. If you use Google Apps, Gmail, Android, BB or iPhone Smartphones, CapsuleCRM warrants your closer inspection. Fast, stable, a functional list of CRM features, a disciplined, easy-to-use and customisable User Interface (UI) and an on-the-ball development team judiciously bringing out new features and integration to other apps like Twitter, LinkedIn, Wufoo website forms, Xero, MailChimp and top small biz accounting system, KashFlow, it's no surprise CapsuleCRM has a steadily growing base of very happy users.
CapsuleCRM is probably NOT for you if you are after stronger project management CRM, but workflow and pipeline management is well addressed. Their pricing is really great, too. They offer a Free Capsule CRM version with limitations (try this first), or their Professional version competitively priced at only $12 per month.

Capsule CRM

Wrike CRM


WORK[etc]. Highly Recommended. Probably the most sophisticated Project Management CRM out there, WORK[etc] has it all - CRM, collaborative project management, billing, helpdesk and much more, like Google and Social integration, email marketing, API and custom web form builder . A bit more expensive than Wrike below, but you get what you pay for. Read our review here..

Wrike. Highly Recommended. Winner of numerous awards over the years, Wrike is a refined and inexpensive CRM with good project management functionality. If your sales processes are more like projects, with long and complex sales cycles, or you require remote collaboration, this could well be your best CRM option. Wrike has a modern, refreshingly clean, easy-to-use interface your staff will love, and its flexibility will allow you to bend it more to your liking.


SalesNexus. Highly Recommended. SalesNexus is like ACT! for the web. If you are an ACT! user but are tired of the buggy, resource hungry, newer ACT! version and would like an affordable, web based equivalent, SalesNexus is your answer. SalesNexus Pro is also an inexpensive alternative to better known web CRM's like SalesForce. SalesNexus is a great company, too - we have only heard good reports regarding their service, and their online tutorials and help is impressive.



Relenta. Highly recommended. A recent entrant to our Top 10 CRM list, Relenta successfully strikes the right balance between CRM and email marketing and is fast attracting a cult-like following. Affordably priced at $25 per user, Relenta is worth a serious look if you are after a CRM with the right mix of features for an internet marketing operation. Relenta happily combines SalesForce, Aweber, Outlook and Constant Contact apps into one lean yet powerful CRM based on David Allen's famous Getting Things Done (GTD) principle.


Email Marketing CRM

InTouch CRM. Highly Recommended. Finalists in 2010 and Winners in the 2012 Software Satisfaction Awards, is a one-stop CRM and email marketing shop, with functionality like Auto Responders, Web forms, SMS marketing, Surveys and more. Easy to use, cost effective and backed up by friendly support, InTouch CRM is a deserving new addition to our CRM Top 10.

InTouch CRM with Email Marketing

-Dsktop CRM's-
Best CRM's For MS Outlook

Prophet - Voted Best Outlook Based CRM for 2009 - 2012.

Prophet CRM. Highly recommended. If you use MS Outlook you should have a serious look at Prophet. Voted by PC Magazine (May, '07) as one of their "Four Favorite Small Business Tools", Prophet CRM is a great, easy-to-use, affordable, multi-award-winning Outlook based CRM solution that looks and functions as a part of Outlook (improving user adoption and reducing your training costs substantially), but adds the sales features you want. Prophet CRM is quick and easy to use - you can create an opportunity from an inbound email with one click,

Prophet 5

for instance. It happily runs on a peer-to-peer network without the need for MS Exchange Server (but supports it, too). Prophet is excellent value for money, and ideal for the small business with a sales process that needs management, and is scalable for bigger sales teams, if need be. Avidian, the developers of Prophet CRM, is a great company, too and was named one of the "Best Companies to Work For" by Washington CEO Magazine 2 years running. Prophet version 4.0 was a winner, as is v5.0! Review of Prophet 5.0 to follow soon.. (Previous versions: Prophet v3.0 incorporates important new features. Read our previous review: Prophet 2004 CRM overview ).

Top Contact Managers & PIM's (Personal Information Managers)

Voted Best Online Contact Managers by SmallBizCRM

Base CRM

Base CRM is a small business CRM that helps business owners, sales reps, and business development professionals to easily visualize, manage, and report on their entire sales pipeline. Its intuitive interface is designed for small businesses, and includes features like drag-and-drop that greatly simplify CRM usage and increase engagement.

Base, as a simple small business CRM, also helps to manage contacts and track communication with prospective customers via handy features like email dropbox and Twitter integration.

Best of all, Base CRM is super easy to get started with and as it's web-based, you don't need to install any software.

IContact - #1 For The Serious eMail Marketer

iContact Pro . Highly Recommended. Formerly Intellicontact PRO, iContact PRO is a remarkable web-based contact manager / email marketing software combined that really gets the balance right. If your business involves the regular sending out of eMail newsletters, this polished, value-for-money software will form an essential part of your marketing arsenal. You can manage your email marketing campaigns and any sales lead follow-up's that result. Their affordable pricing structure depends on the size of your mail list and starts from only $9.95 per month. Check if their 30% Discount Promo is still running.

EssentialCRM. Recommended. Going from strength to strength over the years, EssentialCRM is the ideal PIM or Contact Manager for the lone road warrior or small business. Essential PIM has every feature you need to organize your life: scheduling, contact info, To Do lists and versatile notes, Outliner, two-way synchronization with Microsoft Outlook etc. Choose between their Mobile version or EssentialCRM PRO version.


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