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on March 31, 2016

Maximizer CRM is a comprehensive, all-in-one solution which offers simple, accessible marketing, sales and customer care service tools to small and midsize businesses. Available as on-premise as well as in cloud, the CRM offers great features that can help in generating more sales leads, marketing automation and customer retention. The multilevel security allows you to restrict access to any module, set of data, or even field. The most commendable thing about Maximizer, however, is that it is extremely customizable and no matter what type of business you run, you can tailor it to suit your needs.

We’ve reviewed dozens of CRMs and we always interact with the customer service team, but we haven’t seen anyone respond faster than Maximizer. During business hours, we always received a response well within an hour. Two thumbs up. But that doesn’t mean we won’t highlight their weaknesses either, so read on 🙂

How popular is it?

Maximizer has an impressive pedigree and long list of prestigious clients. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada with Offices in the UK, Australia and South Africa, Maximizer has more than 27 years of experience in Contact Management and CRM. Globally, they have more than 5,000 subscribers of their cloud based solutions and tens of thousands of their Web & Windows based On-Premise solutions. Some big names that use Maximizer CRM include BBC, Rolex, TUI, Siemens, HSBC, Games Workshop, BNP Paribas, Torre Automotive, and ABSA.


Who is it for?

Maximizer can be customized for almost any type of business, but is ideal for Business Advisory Services & Coaching, Hi-Tech Manufacturing, Financial Services and Media & Marketing Agencies. They’re also installed in 32 of the 143 Universities in the UK, managing Disability Services, Employability and other Student Services functions.

Who is it not for?

Maximizer is a CRM targeted at SMBs only; large corporations wanting an all-in-one solution can find better alternatives. Also, if your business relies heavily on leads and interactions through social media, you should consider other more dedicated social CRM’s.


  • Comprehensive, highly customizable, three-in-one solution that offers sales, marketing and customer service.
  • Can be deployed on-premise or in cloud. You can even switch between the different deployment options as your business requirements change with time.
  • Multi-level security offered via Tier IV data center partner, industry best‐practices processes and technologies, 128‐bit SSL encryption, firewall‐protection, 24/7 intrusion detection monitoring.
  • Powerful campaigns that can be configured easily with a wizard
  • Powerful integration with Microsoft products and full mobile access
  • Business intelligence tools in the form of charts, thermometers, and tables (which you can even export to Excel) allow instant insight and visibility into the key performance indicator so you can make good, timely decisions to take your business to the next level
  • Powerful search


  • Pricing on the high side, but is feature-rich and comprehensive.
  • Lengthy subscription requirements. To sign up for the contract, you’ll have to buy a minimum two-year subscription fee in advance.
  • Slight lag time in between loading records. Not a deal breaker, yet can be annoying for power users
  • No “Quick Add” button to add new contacts, opportunities or leads
  • Poor Social CRM capabilities at time of review.
  • Doesn’t integrate with any 3rd party apps other than Microsoft products, though this is set to change.

Getting Started

Getting started with Maximizer is as simple as in most other CRM’s, however, the only issue we encountered was while trying to import our data. It’s a two-pass process: to import a Contact into the CRM, you must first import or create the Company they will be associated with. The alternative is to import the Contact as an Individual.

Maximizer CRM - Free Trial

Maximizer CRM offers a 15-day free trial, you don’t need to give credit card info and can start the trial right away


Maximizer is a little expensive at $55 per user per month, and $60 per user per month for Wealth Manager – billed annually. When you sign up, you’ll be billed for two years in advance. So, if you’re about to make the commitment, make sure to fully utilize the 15-day free trial.

Work Area

The CRM has a pretty complex work area. The vendor has adopted a unique, list-based approach complemented by tabs for displaying the information. Instead of having different modules for contacts, companies and individuals, there’s one universal Address Book where you can access your contacts, companies and individuals. This offers an uncluttered view, and makes sure there are no pop-ups, and no long windows of data to scroll up and down, rather everything is in one screen and accessible via tabs. However, this also makes the learning curve pretty steep. But once you understand the interface, it becomes second nature to you and you can unleash its many hidden powers.

Maximizer CRM - Address Book

Maximizer CRM divides interface into two windows, top window shows the entire data while the bottom one has the details for the selected entity. The interface also makes good use of tabs to display information.

There is a mobile version available for smartphones as well as tablets. While it’s not as comprehensive as the desktop version, it’s one of the fastest CRM apps we’ve used. Unlike the desktop version, there is no lag, the design is well-thought-out and it lets you do pretty much anything you want to.

Maximizer CRM - Mobile Platform

Maximizer CRM has one of the fastest and most robust mobile app we’ve tested so far

The CRM comes with marketing, sales and customer service modules included as standard with Outlook Integration, plus mobile and tablet access with full reporting and Dashboard capabilities that you can configure. Currently, it only integrates with MS products, but with integration to Zapier, Gmail and Google Apps in the pipeline.

Feature List

Most CRMs offer commendable sales and marketing features, but drop the ball when it comes to customer care. Not so with Maximizer. While they also offer the Wealth Manager CRM, designed for Financial Advisors, this review is only of Maximizer CRM. Before we delve into the features of Maximizer CRM, let’s take a quick look at their Wealth Manager:

Wealth Manager

Built specifically for Insurance Agents, Financial Advisors, Securities Brokers and other financial services planners, Maximizer Wealth Manager helps clients build their book of business while making sure their business complies with the changing, complex industry regulations.

Wealth Manager offers financial advisors an in-depth insight into their clients’ preferences and needs, so that they can offer every single client a customized package of services. From investment objectives to financial history to communication to all the documents, Wealth Manager lets you store everything in one place, which helps you make the right decisions. Maximizer team keeps updating their CRM frequently to stay on top of the changing trends and regulations.


Maximizer CRM features one of the most comprehensive sales modules we’ve ever seen. To manage your sales processes, you can do virtually anything from sales force automation to forecasting to lead management to opportunity monitoring and more.

Maximizer CRM - Opportunity and Lead Management

Maximizer CRM has a powerful opportunity and lead management system

Moreover, it also offers powerful territory management, sales quota management – important features that are missing in most CRMs. The management can make right decisions at the right time by quickly viewing the progress of their team in the form of Sales Executive Dashboards, Opportunity Alerts, Sales Action Plan (Project Management), and sales reports.


From formulating marketing plans to implementing them, you can do everything in Maximizer CRM with a few clicks. No matter you want to capture leads, segment customers (based on any criteria )and then send mass email or generate automatic email campaigns, Maximizer CRM has got you covered.

Maximizer CRM - Email Campaign Template

A basic email campaign template in Maximizer CRM. You can choose from several professional templates to quickly send email blasts to your prospects and customers

The executives can manage Respondent Lists, utilize the Campaign ROI Calculator and view Email Campaign Metrics i.e. emails sent, received, opened and clicks on the links etc.

Customer Service and Support

What really makes Maximizer a complete CRM is the powerful Customer Service and Support module. It allows the team as well as the customers to raise issue tickets (provided you have a portal that your customers can access). The Customer Service Case Management is pretty powerful as you can route requests and set alerts for certain types of requests. But the best thing about the Customer Service module is that it can automatically create cases from incoming email queries.

Maximizer CRM - Customer Service Support

Maximizer has a powerful customer care where either your team or the customers themselves can raise an issue ticket

The top management can view the status of all the customer cases through the Executive Dashboards. Moreover, you can create a knowledgebase for storing common cases and their resolution.

Customization and Security

Almost each and everything you see on the Maximizer CRM is customizable. From metadata customization to adding custom fields, everything can be done with just a few mouse clicks.

Maximizer CRM - Customization and Security

Almost anything you see on your screen can be customized and arranged in any way you desire

The CRM also has foolproof security; the decision makers can allow from full access to read only access. Security can be applied on everything from entire module to a field. Role-based security grouping makes it easy and fast for the administration to apply policies and rules.

Business productivity and business intelligence

There are some amazing productivity and business intelligence features tucked in here and there in Maximizer. Our personal favorite was Customer Timeline, which shows the entire history of all communications with a client at a glance. There are templates for email campaigns, letters, fax and more. Also, there is a multi-user calendar, powerful task management, customer and prospect action plans, and CTI as well as VoIP integration. We really loved how the advanced search works, and how easy it is to manage your documents and notes. The CRM also makes editing and managing data very easy; for example it de-duplicates the data and you can edit multiple contacts instantly with their mass update feature. The built-in reports are also very useful, and reports can be exported to MS Excel instantly.

Final Verdict

We really loved the thoroughness of Maximizer. Name any feature and Maximizer will have it. It also has a unique, powerful list-based approach for displaying your data so that you can view the detailed info without having to scroll up and down all the time. On the flipside, the work area and the overall user experience could be better. We really wish the learning curve for Maximizer CRM was less steep. Fair enough, there’s a trade-off between thoroughness and user-friendliness, still we think Maximizer has yet to find the sweet spot. While the pricing is on the higher side, if you’re looking for a CRM that offers powerful sales management, territory and quota management and also has all the customer service features built-in, Maximizer is the right choice.

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